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The cheapest alternative is to keep the deck you already have in good condition. With our fantastic solution, we can cover your wood deck with a slip-resistant coloured finish that will help seal it in while keeping termites, water, and the sun out.

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Our crew is frequently asked questions about decking handrails, selecting colours and brands for composite installation, and sun exposure repair for both residential and commercial projects, among other things. We have ready-made solutions for a variety of problems such as wood deck replacement, sealing services, water damage, and replacing stair lights.

Deck Repair By A Professional

Deck Fasteners – Nails, screws, and anchors are all types of fasteners used on decks. If you notice a large number of nails jutting out or screws that have corroded, this could indicate the presence of a larger problem. Corroded, loose, or missing fasteners can cause more damage to the wood in their immediate vicinity, as well as compromise the structural integrity of the deck, railings, and stairwell. Whenever you notice such damage, it is time to contact a professional to come to assess and repair the situation.

In the case of mould, moss, discoloration, and other concerns, cleaning and maintenance will be required to remedy the situation. It is an entire topic in and of itself to discuss deck cleaning and upkeep; if you are unable to fully clean and seal your deck, it is time to call us.

Check the railings, bannisters, and stairs to see if they are secure by pressing on them with your hand. Check the deck surface and stair treads for drooping or cracked boards, and replace any that are discovered. Position yourself on the surface and the stairwell and alternately move your weight back and forth to ensure there is no swaying or excessive bounce. If you notice any of these problems, you should consult with a professional about repairing them.

Broken or rotting wood should be given special consideration, especially in places that look to be constantly moist. Ideally, you want to look for any timber that has rotted or decomposed. If the region has splintered, try to pry a piece of it away from the rest. Alternatively, you can pick at the wood with a screwdriver to determine whether it is soft or spongy. This is a tell-tale indicator that you require the services of a professional to complete some repairs on your property.

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Deck Builders Marietta GA is a company that is certified to build decks. We contact clients by phone and email about appointment scheduling, invoicing estimates, and other information to keep them informed and to answer any questions they may have about their services. In operation for many years, we have been a family-owned and operated enterprise. All of our customers, both residential and commercial, as well as our employees, are covered under insurance. Our finished carpentry crew is responsive to our customers, and we will communicate with you via phone and email before, during, and after you finish the carpentry project.


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