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Coming up with a design concept for your outdoor entertainment space may be a fun and rewarding experience.

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Besides being used in harsh landscaping environments such as patios, terraces, outdoor kitchens, lighting, and firefighting, you may also want to explore structural additions such as a pergola or a covered porch to complete your outdoor space. Incorporating a high-quality pergola into your outdoor entertainment area ideas serves several important functions. A roof can provide you with a shade structure as well as a place to go when the shower comes in, depending on the roof style you choose. Insect netting runs along rails and zips together to form the walls of some covered pergolas. When you don’t want them, they’ll remain attached to the foundation posts and look to be nothing more than attractive drapes.

Some pergolas are built to withstand the weight of climbing plants and to accept vines. Nevertheless, it may take some time before they have completely covered the roof space. Incorporating organic components into the shadow structure can be a fantastic approach to make it more interesting.

Pergolas can also be used to create additional outdoor living space for activities such as dining, relaxing, and entertaining family and friends.

Their shapes, sizes, and materials are all available in a variety of options, with a variety of particular qualities to take into consideration. The design staff at Deck builders can assist you in sorting through all of the numerous alternatives to come up with a pergola design that suits your vision while also considering your available budget.

Pergolas: Should You Get An Attached Or Detached?

Even though the majority of pergolas are free-standing, there are several advantages to having an attached pergola. If it is right adjacent to your deck or patio, the seamless transition enhances the sense of being on a porch. The addition of removable screens can even let you convert your deck into a three-season porch in a matter of hours.

In addition, it is important to remember that there are some scenarios in which an attached pergola may not be an option. When it comes to installing a pergola, soils that tend to move with seasonal changes, as well as the exterior of your home, maybe a hindrance. There are also some homeowner’s associations that have covenants prohibiting such conduct as well. At deck builders, our designers and professionals can evaluate these elements to assist you in making the best decision for your outdoor space.

Considerations Regarding Size

Depending on the size of your outside space as well as any permanent structures on your deck or patio, the overall size and basic measurements of the pergola will be significantly determined. Aspects such as its visibility and physical influence on the view outside your home’s windows could also be considered. According to this guideline, a 10-foot-by-10-foot pergola has approximately enough area to accommodate a bistro table and seats with a small grill conveniently located close. If you want to incorporate an outdoor kitchen or if you want to be able to accommodate four or more meals, a larger pergola may be the best option for you. Give Deck Builders Marietta GA a call now.


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